Broadway Lodge ITV
8th November 2018

Broadway Lodge on ITV

On the 29th October, Broadway Lodge was shown on a news feature on ITV Westcountry News.

The report touched on rehab closures, including Chandos House in Bristol, the last remaining rehab in the city which is sadly due to close on the 8th November. The reporter visited Broadway Lodge to understand thoughts from the perspective of clients and staff about government funding cuts for residential rehabilitation treatment.

It has been documented across numerous publications that as government funding for addiction buy ativan online pharmacy treatment is being cut, drink and drug related deaths are rising. Thousands of people in the UK suffering addiction are being left behind, unable to get funding or pay themselves, facing a serious life or death situation in many cases.

Jason, who has now completed treatment, makes a thought provoking suggestion that would see the taxpayers money spent on residential treatment for addiction rather than fund a jail term.

You can watch the report by clicking here.