Channel 5 Cocaine Documentary
10th October 2019

Broadway Lodge on Channel 5 cocaine documentary

Three-part documentary ‘Doing Drugs for Fun?’ aired on Channel 5 this week and includes coverage of Broadway Lodge. This fascinating series follows four young adults (Troi, Channel, Amber and Louis), as they explore the health dangers of cocaine and the dark side of its production in South America and supply in the UK.

On Wednesday’s hour-long episode (09 October), the group visit counsellors and clients at Broadway Lodge where they experience rehab for the day and discuss the risks and consequences of cocaine addiction.

The coverage includes ex-client Will who explains to Louis how addiction doesn’t discriminate and describes how his use of the drug escalated which had a devastating impact on his life. Also featured is a conversation between Amber and counsellor Chrissie. Amber experiences a profound moment when Chrissie suggests that by taking cocaine, she is playing Russian roulette with her life. This sticks with Amber and she takes time to reflect on this analogy and questions her cocaine use proclaiming “to me, I don’t even see what the bloody point in taking cocaine is anymore really.”

Talking with so many people at Broadway Lodge about addiction for the day gave the group an insight into how the use of mind-altering substances can quickly lead to being consumed by addiction resulting in lives being ruined. Other parts of the series shows the group travelling to Colombia, argued to be the world’s top producer of cocaine, where they hear about dangerous drug cartels first-hand from families who’ve been affected and even come face to face with a masked cartel assassin.

Broadway Lodge is proud to have been featured and fully support the media in creating such honest documentaries like ‘Doing Drugs for Fun?’ because of the educational value. Anything that helps to increase awareness of addiction and the consequences of using harmful substances gets a green light from us – it could save a life.

Watch the series to find out if their raw encounters and education about the illicit cocaine trade and risk of death changes their outlook about their casual cocaine habits. It’s available to watch on Demand 5 until the end of January 2020 here.

If you are worried about your cocaine use and would like to enquire about treatment at Broadway Lodge please call us on 01934 812319 or send an email to