Day 70 in treatment
15th May 2020

Anonymous client’s treatment journey, day 70

We’re sharing the 12th instalment of a series of blogs which follows the significant event form thoughts of one anonymous client. It allows us to give you a raw insight into emotions and feelings that can be experienced as someone progresses through therapeutic treatment here.  


Significant Event thoughts on day 70 at Broadway Lodge 

The most significant event of today was: I read this: Recovery didn’t open up the gates of heaven and let me in. Recovery opened up the gates of hell and let me out.’ It feels like everything is falling into place. I’m finding my voice, my personality, myself. And I feel part of the community. Showing appreciation to the Broadway Lodge staff was nice to be part of. Showing my gratitude I suppose.  

Why was it important to me? That I should read that on this day, when I feel like this, when it was able to land!? I’ve read it over and over and I understand it – more than that I FEEL it. Recovery opened up the gates of hell, not me, not I. We. Broadway has given me that gift. I fought everything and everyone here. I hated the place, the staff. But most of all I HATED myself! The change I’m experiencing, seeing, feeling. Well I never believed it possible.” 



This is a beautiful significant event form. Here we can see that the light in the tunnel of recovery has been switched on. If you believe in the notion of heaven and hell, then addiction is like hell on earth. Most people who have never experienced addiction may find it difficult to understand the notion of not being able to stop something that makes you feel good to begin with, helps you with solving some of your problems and issues initially, then finding that you cant stop and causes you so much pain. To be released from a living hell, returning to life with the opportunity of experiencing heaven on earth is amazing – words cannot express.