Day 50 in treatment
12th May 2020

Anonymous client’s treatment journey, day 50

We’re sharing the 10th instalment of a series of blogs which follows the significant event form thoughts of one anonymous client. It allows us to give you a raw insight into emotions and feelings that can be experienced as someone progresses through therapeutic treatment here.


Significant Event thoughts on day 50 at Broadway Lodge


The most significant event of today was: “The Covid-19 depression descended on the house today and it hit me. I can’t afford it to affect my recovery and personally I couldn’t care less about it. I was next to death out there and now I’m next to LIFE. I’ve beaten something much bigger (work in progress). Covid-19 aint affecting me! So I made a choice. I choose to go for a jog around the grounds. I can’t stress just how much better I feel after it. Maybe giving up smoking has helped too?! I got my heartrate going – I felt alive. I haven’t felt alive for decades.”

Why was it important to me? “I came in and I felt more confident Like I am somebody – invigorated. It’s funny, the staff have been telling me the importance of aerobics etc. for six weeks and I couldn’t see it. Besides, I wasn’t physically capable (or mentally), and now I can Covid-19 stops it all. But that’s life – life’s terms and I made a choice, a positive choice and I dealt with it! Then, like there is a higher power, someone asked me what I’m grateful for today. I’d been hiding every meal time as the truth was I wasn’t grateful for anything. Well guess what? Today I genuinely was! I said, “today I’m grateful to be feeling more human, and actually warm! And it’s all down to Broadway Lodge” I said that!! I meant it too! Really is a miracle!!!”



The coronavirus is devastating thousands of lives across the world and unsurprisingly a handful of clients in treatment have experienced more worry and anxiety since the outbreak. We soon see with this client that a small change in thinking, attitude and behaviour helped to improve their mood. We never expect anybody to be grateful for anything but we do help people to feel gratitude and to express it genuinely (not coerced) and it appears that the client was able to express their gratitude for feeling warm and ‘more human’ on this day.