Day 5 in treatment
1st April 2020

Anonymous client’s treatment journey, day 5

We’re sharing the third instalment of a series of blogs which follows the significant event form thoughts of one anonymous client. It allows us to give you a raw insight into emotions and feelings that can be experienced as someone progresses through therapeutic treatment here. We are now sharing the third blog – their significant event thoughts after five days of treatment.


Significant Event thoughts on day 5 at Broadway Lodge


“The most significant event of today was: Counselling with Andy. Helping me to approach medical more sympathetically. Getting results from kindness. After not being dropped by 0.8mg I was relieved. Acupuncture I attended for third session. Sceptical and it really worked! Almost like a drug, can’t describe how relaxed but present I felt. Unlike drugs. I was planted to the chair, no distraction. Amazing really.


Why was it important to me? Andy gives me hope and guidance. Advises on how I can help to think and behave. It helps greatly to know he was an addict himself, he means and feels what he says. It has weight. Acupuncture made me relax fully. I think it helped with endorphins I feel. It’s an amazing thing to find something that relaxes and makes you feel better, that’s not drugs or alcohol. Basically I’m feeling positive 😊”



It seems like the relaxation felt during and after the Auricular Acupuncture particularly helped the client on this day – this calming treatment is a favourite for so many people. Being able to relax and slow the mind is important at such an emotional time.