clients spread kindness
17th September 2018

Aftercare clients spread kindness

Our aftercare clients have been getting creative to spread some love in Weston-super-Mare by joining in with local community project Weston Super Rocks.

As part of the worldwide Kindness Rock Project that “hopes to spark joy in everyday lives”, Weston Super Rocks is a local initiative where rocks are painted with a feel-good message and hidden for others to find and re-hide. We understand how alone people can feel in life and if one person finds a rock with a kind message that puts a smile on their face and brightens their day, or if the rocks inspire others to get creative and involved, then we have achieved the outcome we wished for.

The rocks (pictured above) will be hidden around the beach and seafront area on Tuesday 18th September, so keep your eyes peeled for them! Part of our clients’ recovery journey involves giving back to the community so the aftercare clients will be joining numerous community teams who together will conduct a beach clean whilst hiding their rocks.

You can find out more information about the local Weston Super Rocks project by visiting the Weston Super Rocks Facebook page here.