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Rehab alternatives: What else can you try?

Addiction is a chronic, progressive condition that can be treated successfully with or without treatment. The treatment need will depend upon the severity of the addiction. While rehabilitation is the most successful treatment available,there are many positive choices you can make to establish and maintain a life in recovery:

  • Attend a mutual aid or self help meeting, preferably with a friend. You can find details and locations of 12 Step Fellowship meetings at Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA) and Gamblers Anonymous (GA). Fellowship helplines will often send a fellowship member to come and pick you up, take you to a meeting and see you home safely afterwards
  • Reduce the amount you are consuming, as this is safer than quitting straight away without support
  • Visit your GP
  • Order one of our ‘Reflections’ series of DVDs on the 12 Step Treatment programme from our online shop
  • Contact your local authority for details of treatment services in your area
  • Access outpatient one to one counselling sessions if you’re seeking support for addiction.

However if you would like to speak to us about options with rehabilitation, feel free to call us on 01934 812 319 or get in touch with us confidentially online.