Broadway Lodge has been providing training in the addiction field to individuals, groups and other organisations both in this country and abroad for many years. All training can be delivered either in the workplace or at Broadway Lodge. We can cover areas like:

  • Developing drug and alcohol workplace policies
  • Identifying signs of problem use early
  • Stress management.

 Broadway Lodge is also an experienced placement provider for counselling and social work students. We have a close association with local colleges and universities, providing students with a safe and supportive learning environment in which to develop their knowledge and skills.


Broadway Lodge has many years of experience in the delivery of professional consultancy and

support to other organisations seeking to initiate, develop or enhance their addiction services. We have worked with organisations in the UK, Ireland, Holland, South Africa, Siberia, Gibraltar, Portugal and Thailand.

Consultancy can take the form of one-off advice sessions or a longer-term support package.

For more information on our training or consultancy services please contact our Enquiries team at