What’s involved?

For some clients an extended period of support following residential treatment can help them to adjust and re-integrate in to community living. With this in mind, we can offer accommodation in shared houses for men or women on the outskirts of Bristol. These four bedroomed houses are located near to local shops, colleges and Fellowship Meetings and have good transport links to Bristol city centre and all that it has to offer.

Staff support is provided on a regular basis with weekly visits from a staff member to offer advice, guidance and counselling as required. In addition telephone help continues to be available from staff at Broadway.


Residents are expected to attend Fellowship meetings, and to engage in voluntary work and seek suitable college courses to improve their education and employment prospects. Residents are also expected to maintain themselves and their living environment responsibly and with support, to develop their skills and confidence for independent living.

The cost of accommodation is covered by housing benefit payments with a small contribution made by each resident to meet additional costs. Most residents will stay for up to twelve months.