I was broken when I reached out to Broadway Lodge. Homeless and weighing just 6 stone, I was emotionally and physically exhausted after fleeing a very unhealthy relationship. Previous to my relapse in co-dependency and anorexia I had 16 years recovery through working a twelve step programme. I had celebrated many achievements over those years and yet I was still suffering with low self-esteem and struggling immensely with self-care. I had very subtly moved away from my higher source and so when life’s storms hit me it was only a matter of time before I relapsed back into unhealthy self-destructive behaviours. I faced many familiar faces at Broadway Lodge and had even played a part in some of their recoveries in previous years, but instead of any judgement or shame I was shown nothing but care, kindness and support. Not once throughout the 12 months I used their day care service did I feel unvalued. A dedicated team of counsellors provided a safe environment for everyone participating to have a voice and explore and share thoughts and feelings. It was not all heavy duty therapy sessions either as they used creative ways to help expression through art and games. This care package along with identification from peers resulted in many tears of heartache and joy. The counsellors had a big impact on piecing me back together but I also have deep gratitude and respect for all the volunteers who gave up their precious time. Caring people who came to cook nutritious meals to build up our strength had a profound impact toward me building a healthy relationship with food. Holistic treatments of meditation, reiki and ear acupuncture also had a very positive effect on my well-being. I look back on my treatment period and aftercare with nostalgia. Broadway Lodge felt like one big family and in my experience that’s what it takes to build a bridge between heartache and trauma to wisdom and healing. Thank you Broadway Lodge for helping me evolve from a survivor into a thriver.

Helen J 

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