Addiction is an illness which can have a profound effect on a friend or relative's behaviour; the addict will often take whatever steps are necessary to sustain her/his addiction. This can involve lying to or stealing from friends and relatives which can seriously damage relationships.

Encourage your friend or relative to take the self help actions outlined here.

If you can, accompany your friend/relative to appointments.

If you require support yourself, Al-Anon, Famanon, CoDA, and Alateen provide support groups for family, friends and teenagers affected by someone else's addiction. 

Once your family member is with us you will be able to visit on Sundays. We hold family lectures to help family members understand how to support the loved one struggling with addiction whilst at the same time taking care of themselves and the wider family.

We also use family questionnaires and a family conference to help rebuild relationships with family members damaged by addiction. Family conferences provide the opportunity for a client and family member(s) to come together and under the guidance and support of their counsellor, to open channels of communication, explore issues and pave the way in the development of healthier relationships.

Our one to three day Family programmes,  for the families of our clients or former clients, are facilitated by an experienced Broadway counsellor and involve group discussions, workshops and therapeutic activities. While the programmes have a well-designed structure, participants are encouraged to play an active role in identifying programme content to ensure that the group’s needs will be met as far as possible. For more information and next dates, please contact Markkus Trew at [email protected]