For over 20 years Broadway Lodge has been going in to primary and secondary schools in Somerset and North Somerset providing young people with information about harmful substances and behaviours such as drugs, alcohol, eating disorders and self harming.

Typically, one of our counsellors kicks off the programme with a talk to half a year group (usually year 10). Amongst other things we cover the addictive personality and the consequences of addictive behaviour. Students then split into smaller groups of around 20, with 3 or 4 of our current or former clients per group sharing their stories and answering questions. The full group then reconvenes and we share final messages around how to live a balanced life, and answer any outstanding questions. The sessions are then repeated for the other half of the year group.

The visit made us, as young people, realise that we have to think twice when we encounter drugs and that the consequences of our actions and choices even at our young age can have massive repercussions

A student at Kings of Wessex School

To enquire about booking a programme please contact Markkus Trew at [email protected]