Do you live in the Bristol area and want help with addiction? Is your drug or alcohol addiction causing you concern? Our private addiction treatment centre in the south-west of England can help you get back in control.

Whether you are worried about your own addiction or concerned about a loved one, getting help is an important first step.

Some people think they need to use substances to cope – it may be work or relationship problems, or a bereavement. Others turn to drugs or alcohol for recreation or to relieve boredom. You may even think you’ve got it under control. However, if you’re beginning to wonder whether your level of alcohol or drug use is ok – chances are, it’s not ok for you. There is a strong risk that your drug or alcohol problems could spiral making them harder to control and even harder to cope with life. 

If you have doubts about your level of addiction it’s best not to ignore them.

It is a positive sign that you are beginning to question your lifestyle or that of a family member or friend. 

All sorts of people can suffer from addictive behaviours – young, old, men, women and from all ethnicities and sexual orientations. There is no typical user and each sufferer is unique.

You may be worried about the impact of your drug or alcohol use on your:

  • Mental health
  • Physical health
  • Finances

Or about:

  • Getting a criminal record
  • The impact on your work or studies
  • The impact of substance use on your relationships.

It is natural to be concerned about these important areas of your life. We understand how addiction can develop so that it affects you and all those aspects of your life which you should be enjoying.

When there seem to be so many services and choices out there, it can be confusing knowing where to turn.

We understand that substance users may have real concerns about:

  Whether they have a problem at all

  What services might be offered and where

  That others will come to know and it won’t remain confidential

◊  That they will be judged and feel embarrassed

 Whether their own family and friends will help

It is normal to have such anxious feelings when you are considering taking a life-changing step - even when it is a change for the better.

At Broadway Lodge we are clear about how we can help you. 

We are an addiction centre offering addiction recovery care for Bristol and beyond. We treat addiction rather than specific substances - the illness/addictive personality/behaviour often manifests itself in more than one way.  We aim to equip our clients with the tools they need to sustain a healthy, long-term recovery.

We are experts in supporting people into recovery from a wide range of addictive behaviours including alcohol, drugs – whether illicit or prescription drugs such as pain medication – sex, co-dependency, gambling, and gaming. We also have experience supporting clients with secondary issues such as self-harm and eating disorders.

We provide:

* Detoxification programmes – a medically supervised procedure that enables a person to overcome their physical dependence on a particular substance. This includes a full daily support programme to complement the physical detoxification

* Primary Care – specialist in-house residential care including one-to-one counselling, group therapy, lectures and workshops. We also provide complementary therapies such as acupuncture, Reiki and massage to help clients relax and to reduce anxiety.

* Secondary Care - a safe environment in which to practice and further develop what has been learnt in primary care.

Are you in the Bristol area and needing help with your addictive behaviour? Let us help you recover and re-build a healthy life.  

If you or your friend/family member is able to self-fund treatment either directly or though a healthcare provider, please contact our admissions team on 01934 815515 or complete our enquiry form.  Lee, Heather or Vicky will explain the treatment options.