We believe, and evidence supports, that addiction is an illness: a brain disorder and not a lifestyle choice. People come to be treated because they are ill and not because they are bad or weak.

In our experience the psychological part of addiction is a form of self medication which can sometimes be linked to an underlying traumatic experience, emotional stress, genetic predisposition or mental health disorder. This can lead to out of character, risky, harmful and criminal behaviours where the person becomes single minded and powerless in her/his pursuit of the addictive substance or activity.

Although addiction is identified by the mainstream treatment models as a chronic, relapsing condition, relapse is not inevitable and it can be treated successfully.  From our 43 years of treating addiction, we know that long-term recovery is more than just a dream, it is achievable.  Our former clients are a testament to that.

Our treatment approach has full recovery based on abstinence as its core aim and employs the 12 Steps of the AA/NA Fellowship. The 12 step model combined with accessing ongoing peer support is one of the longest-standing and most effective treatment approaches. Our model is open to people of all faiths and none. You can read a simplified explanation of the 12 Steps here.