Our weekly aftercare programme is held every Tuesday at our site in Weston-super-Mare. We work together as a group through a variety of activities over the course of a day. With a healthy mix of challenge and support, participants are helped to value the importance of the changes and progress they are making.

Aftercare is open to anyone who has come through Broadway Lodge. Please contact Helen Thorn at [email protected] for more information.

Recovery Renewal

During active addiction many individuals find that personal development is held back and much of the learning that would otherwise come from life experiences is distorted or stunted. Following a period of recovery, individuals discover that their lives change in many ways, especially in the development of social and life skills. In addition, responsibilities and general outlook on life alters. With these changes come new challenges.

Our Recovery Renewal programmes are three day residentials which help participants to adjust to the changes they are experiencing in their lives and to maintain motivation and commitment to their recovery.

The programme is delivered as workshops, group therapy sessions and experiential activities. By working as a group with others seeking similar goals, participants gain a common understanding of their experiences and the mutual benefit that comes from sharing them with others.

The programme is open to anyone that has been in recovery for a period of time and is seeking to enhance the quality of their recovery.  You need not have come through Broadway Lodge, but you should have an understanding of and commitment to the 12 Steps. Please contact Markkus Trew at [email protected] for details of forthcoming programmes.

Fellowship Meetings

Continuing to attend Fellowship meetings can play a vital part in maintaining your recovery. Click on the links below to find groups local to you: