24th December 2019

Waitrose Christmas gifts

Back in October we were lucky enough to have been selected as one of three charities in Weston-super-Mare that our local Waitrose supermarket included in their Community Matters charity token collection throughout November.

Shoppers who deposited their green tokens into the Broadway Lodge section raised almost £180 and Waitrose employee Susan, who coordinates the store’s Community Matters scheme, used the money to provide us with Christmas gift bags. The bags each contain festive presents and every client at Broadway Lodge on Christmas day will receive one as a surprise which, at a time when many will be missing loved ones, will help to bring some Christmas cheer. David (CEO) and Charlotte (Marketing) met with Susan (pictured above, centre) yesterday to thank her for the gifts.

Along with giving the presents, Broadway staff on duty tomorrow will be hosting numerous games and everyone will be able to indulge in a traditional three-course Christmas dinner which we hope will create an enjoyable experience for clients.

We’d like to send a big thank you to Waitrose and all the shoppers who helped by choosing Broadway Lodge.