Broadway Lodge is remembered by hundreds of past clients as a special place, often referred to as ‘The Miracle Mansion’. Through an intense programme of various therapies and counselling that is tailored to the individual’s needs, over time clients are equipped with the tools to begin life without their ‘drug’, to deal with emotions effectively and to learn to love themselves.

We see the programme working for so many people and this is evident at each Annual Reunion, where 200 former clients and their families return full of positivity to celebrate recovery.

We can write about these successes as much as we want but feel that video clips of former clients themselves talking about the process they went through, experience during residential treatment for addiction and what life has been like since, will be a powerful addition to our website. The words from a relative in one recording makes the viewing even more moving.

We are currently in the process of creating these short films which will be appearing on our website and social media pages soon. We’re excited to see the results and hope the films will assist individuals with addiction who are ready to get help and their loved ones in the decision making process when considering treatment options.

Pictured above: Participants who were filmed at the weekend