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outpatient counselling

Our vision & strategy

Broadway Lodge has an enviable heritage as the first organisation in Europe to set up a treatment centre based on the 12-step model. Almost 50 years on, our reputation is among the best in the sector and we are proud of our excellent success rates. Our vision is to return lives addiction has taken away.

Continuing our support

Our mission is:

To provide the highest quality of care and treatment for people suffering from addiction.

Through the quality and professionalism of our staff we aim to deliver services of the highest possible standards.

To accept, respond and be at the forefront of change.

Our proven treatment programmes have helped over 15,000 people to rebuild their lives, and many of our former clients have decades of recovery behind them.

Broadway Lodge Rehabilitation Centre

Strategy 2017-2020

A Strategy Working Group of staff and trustees is currently shaping an ambitious strategy that articulates our vision of where we intend to be in the year 2020, and how we will develop from there.

Whereas this strategy will be agile enough to adapt to the changing environment and trends, running through its core will be the articulation of and adherence to two fundamental principles: a commitment to our moral purpose – to return lives addiction has taken away – and a robust management and audit schedule to ensure we are financially stable and sustainable.

Adhering to our core knowledge, skills, competencies and expertise, we will continue to deliver and champion a treatment model that benefits individuals, families, communities and, ultimately, society as a whole. Through our interventions we support people to achieve freedom from addiction and enjoy productive and fulfilling lives as active and contributing members of their communities.