Rachel S

I walked into Broadway Lodge 9 months clean on the 28th January 2009 (my daughters 5th birthday). I had a choice - I left prison that day to catch a train from Reading to Weston with money in my pocket. A train arrived into my hometown and it was tempting to go and get one last fix...that didn't happen. I got straight to Broadway Lodge and embraced the help.Read more

Paul W

I found Broadway Lodge in 2003 when I was lost in a world and I hated life. I felt alone; I was broken and no one was listening so I made the decision to go into treatment. My counsellor never gave up on me and he would challenge me all the time. The people who work at Broadway have a natural skill with communicating; they are spiritual and full of warmth. With the help of their staff, today I am much quicker to recognise problems and instead of reacting negatively, I search for a solution.Read more

Helen J

I was broken when I reached out to Broadway Lodge. Homeless and weighing just 6 stone, I was emotionally and physically exhausted after fleeing an unhealthy relationship. A dedicated team of counsellors provided a safe environment for everyone to have a voice and explore thoughts and feelings. It was not all heavy duty therapy sessions either as they used creative ways to help expression through art and games. Thank you Broadway Lodge for helping me evolve from a survivor into a thriver.Read more

Shannon P

I would like to introduce you to Lexi-Jane Hope who was born on 30-12-17. Lexi was born with a cleft palate and is still in hospital but is doing fantastically. I just wanted to say thank you to Broadway Lodge for helping me find my recovery. I am nearly 18 months clean and I'm living life on life’s terms! Thank you!Read more

Katey M

Broadway Lodge was where I started my journey of recovery. I feel so grateful to have had the opportunity to go to treatment. Before, I was merely existing in a miserable and volatile lifestyle. Broadway gave me a chance to start addressing my issues and learn about addiction. I'll be forever grateful to the kind, patient and caring staff who helped me to see there was a way out. I'm a totally different person today, I've achieved so much already. I never thought I'd find happiness and peace.Read more

Joe D

Having arrived at Broadway Lodge, in a broken and desperate state, I was met by a caring staff team who firstly supported and encouraged me through a detox, and then guided every step through a programme of treatment which addressed my problem of addiction. What struck me most about my recovery experience at Broadway Lodge was the level of care and support I was given. Broadway Lodge’s staff team went that extra mile.Read more

Matthew W

I walked into Broadway Lodge in October 2012 without a job or any hope. I had no friends, no partner and no family. My counsellor helped me understand I could do anything I wanted to and with the 12 steps, I started to focus on why I used drugs. I now have a life I am proud of and I have friends, I have my family back, I have a loving partner and now I have a job helping people like me. My recovery has been the hardest but most beautiful thing I have ever done. Broadway, you rock and save livesRead more

Anna L

Broadway Lodge was the first part of my journey. I was in Broadway Lodge detox for two weeks. The staff were amazing, they supported me through my detox with my physical and emotional needs. I was encouraged to attend groups within a few days. It was Broadway Lodge where I was introduced properly to the 12 step program. Thanks to Broadway Lodge and other services I am 18 months clean from all substances.Read more

Anna Y

All those who work at Broadway collectively ensure a high standard and quality of care. It was the counsellors and group therapy which has enabled me to move forward with my life with so much more confidence. Rehab was the only way forward for me and I was fortunate enough to have been given the gift of Broadway Lodge. I would like to thank all the team for how I find myself now. The care, compassion, passion, understanding and empathy from all counsellors has truly made my recovery possible.Read more

Jane A

My brother was referred to Broadway Lodge last year. I drove him there and he had to be admitted by a wheelchair. It was not his addiction to alcohol that had disabled him but the resulting side-effects of malnutrition. He was the size and shape of a skeleton upon admission and unable to walk. Broadway Lodge was a truly transformative experience for him and our family. We have all learned and benefitted from his stay there. I am so proud of my brother! He's clean.Read more

Roberta D

Broadway Lodge changed my life. A complete 180° turn around. Today I am celebrating 1 year clean and sober. I'd tried other treatment centres and was still full of fear going in to Broadway. But the staff, the support and the friends I've made along my journey have been second to none. One day at a time, Broadway set the foundation for my new life clean and sober. Thank you for everything. Miracles happen in this place.Read more

Helen W

Broadway Lodge gave me my life back and more. From the moment I walked in and the 5 months I was there I was held and never judged, and was accepted for who I was. I will always sing its praises and the amazing staff there. I arrived at Broadway on the 7th February 1997 and have so far a day at a time had an amazing recovery and life. Thank you Broadway Lodge for the gift of recovery that you gave me.Read more