David's Story

I am the youngest of 3 children. My parents divorced when I was 14 and I lived with my mother until I was 16. Twenty plus years of active addiction took me to some dark places and I attended residential treatment when I was 34 years of age. I am now an accredited addictions therapist who has remained on the path of recovery.Read more

Julian's Story

First of all I must thank you for the opportunity to share my life before and after Broadway Lodge. My name is Julian and I am an addict.Read more

Daniel's story

I never really thought I had a problem until my life took a turn for the worse and my drinking got even heavier and progressed to daily use of cocaine and opiate pain killers, which I started taking after a car accident. I was very, very lucky to get a 4-week bursary bed at Broadway Lodge, which is still keeping me clean and sober to this day.Read more

David's story

I was a broken man with no self worth, no self esteem but a little bit of hope. Broadway has given me has been the gift of being able to love myself, what I have never experienced before in my life and also being able to let go of the shame of the years of my addiction. I now bask in the sunshine of my new life.Read more

Charlie’s story – the healing power of creativity

A relationship break up began a spiral into drink and drugs, but rehab and making music have helped Charlie into recovery.Read more

Nick’s story – staying in recovery by giving back to others

Coming to Broadway Lodge was an admission that I was broken and, despite any pride I had, I desperately needed help. Broadway gave me somewhere safe to start the lifelong journey of recovery.Read more

Helen's story

On February 9th 1997 I went into Broadway Lodge. I knew it was my last chance. From the start, I was allowed to be me. I was listened to; I wasn’t judged.Read more

Richard's story

I was employed as a senior manager in my area of specialism, happily married and financially secure. However, all was not as it appeared – I had a problem with alcohol. Were it not for the treatment I received at Broadway Lodge I’m convinced that my story would have had quite a different and catastrophic ending.Read more