Maltlands Litter Picking

Residents of Broadway Lodge work together as a community to tidy up Maltlands.Read more

Self harm and suicide: it’s good to talk

During the recent Mental Health Awareness Week (8-14 May) and high-profile awareness-raising campaigns such as HeadsTogether we are all reminded about how we can help people affected by mental health problems. While self harm and suicide may not always be linked to a formal mental health diagnosis, they are always linked with forms of mental distress.Read more

Waking Up – a window into the mind of an addict

Waking Up, an EP of raps exploring mental health and addiction, is a deeply personal project of 28 year old London-based rapper/producer Charles Edison, who we are very proud to have as one of our alumni!Read more

Helping people in recovery access training and employment

As from January 2017 Broadway Lodge became a Partner Organisation for West of England Works, which is part of the Building Better Opportunities Project.Read more

Stress as a trigger for addiction

Stress has become a common feature of modern life - those failing to cope with prolonged stress may find themselves turning to addiction.Read more

What is the relationship between depression and addiction?

Today April 7th is World Health Day and the themes is depression: let's talk. We explore the link between depression and addiction.Read more

Benefits of Residential Rehabilitation Based Treatment

It is a significant milestone for an addict to accept that s/he needs treatment for her/his damaging addictive behaviour. One of the most effective options for treatment can be residential rehabilitation-based treatment.Read more

Self Injury Awareness Day

1st March is Self Injury Awareness Day (also known as Self Harm Awareness Day). We’re supporting this global campaign to break down the common stereotypes surrounding self-harm and to educate medical professionals about the condition.Read more

Addiction: Support Not Shame

It is a sad fact that addiction is all around us in society. The substance-related deaths of a number of people in the public eye recently has brought this to the fore.Read more