Patient Poem

Today we have received a very pleasant surprise from a former patient who recently left his 13-week rehabilitation stay at Broadway Lodge. He has written an insightful poem to express his experience of his initial 2 weeks whilst detoxing from alcohol addiction, addressed as a ‘tribute to the medical team’ here at Broadway Lodge, who provided 24/7 care during this time.Read more

Vacancy - Registered Nurse

We are seeking an experienced Nurse to join our busy team and assist in the delivery of detoxification and rehabilitation in an abstinence-based, 12-step, residential centre. Being the first treatment centre of its kind in the UK, we have helped over 13,000 people to rebuild their lives.Read more

Why is the 12 step programme so successful?

It has never been easy beating an addiction. Treatments and methods are as varied as the individual sufferers concerned. However, one of the best known methods - the 12 step programme - has endured and become one of the most popular and successful ways of overcoming addiction.Read more

Addiction in the workplace

When someone has an addiction it can seriously affect their work life. Addiction in the workplace is a concern not only for the individual sufferer but for their employer and those with whom they come into contact, whether work colleague, client or customer.Read more

Going from strength to strength

As a partner in the West of England Works Building Better Opportunities Programme, Broadway Lodge has been able to strengthen their Aftercare support for those who are now abstinent, living in the community and needing ongoing help with their recovery, whilst also considering their next steps towards education, training and employment.Read more

Self-Injury Awareness Day 1st March 2018

Self-Injury Awareness Day on 1st March aims to raise awareness about self-injury and harm. It’s an international campaign held annually on the same day for the last sixteen years. Encouraging understanding and empathy, the day is ultimately about reducing the rising numbers of people who suffer, often in silence.Read more

Living with an addict

With more attention given to the terrible addiction problems faced by sufferers themselves, the equally debilitating effect on those living with an addict can be overlooked. Living with an addict can have traumatic and adverse impacts on family and loved ones who live alongside substance abuse.Read more

Congratulations to Katie and Drew Hinchcliffe

On Saturday 3rd February, Markkus had the honour of attending the wedding of an ex-resident and Broadway family member, Katie Garner, who has not only turned her life around after staying with Broadway Lodge, but has become a mother and now a wife to Mr Drew Hinchcliffe.Read more

12-Step Completion

Broadway Lodge is very happy to celebrate the achievement of Neal, who successfully completed all 12 steps of the programme while supported by his counsellor Charma.Read more

Eating Disorder Awareness Week

This year 26 February to 4 March marks Eating Disorder Awareness Week. This international event aims to spotlight the impact of eating disorders on individuals and how they can be supported in recovery.Read more

The role of diet in recovery

The important role of diet in addiction recovery can be easily overlooked when many treatments for substance addiction focus on the psychological and immediate physical aspects of recovery. However, a healthy diet can play a crucial role in tackling addiction and increasing the likelihood of successful recovery.Read more

Vacancy - Marketing Assistant

We are seeking a resourceful and creative individual to join our busy team and assist in the development and implementation of an exciting marketing strategy. Being the first treatment centre of its kind in the UK, we have helped over 13,000 people to rebuild their lives so we need a confident and driven individual with infinite enthusiasm to promote our services.Read more