Blog 3 - Talking yourself out of coming to Broadway? Please think again

You may, like me just over a year ago, be reading this website and thinking ‘No way, this isn’t for me! I don’t need this, it’s not my kind of place. I won’t have anything in common with the people there. I’m not really an addict, there must be something else I can do’. Well that’s exactly what I thought in June 2017, as I sat there in the abyss of rock bottom, everything around me in ruins, and family and friends gently, patiently encouraging me to make the call to Broadway to book my bed.Read more

Blog 2 - one year after Broadway, a day at a time.

Recently I reached the milestone of a year in recovery. It was of course just another day, another 24 hour reprieve, as they say. But 12 months on, life in sobriety feels vastly different from the early weeks after my extended stay at Broadway Lodge.Read more

Blog 1 - an introduction

"I hit my rock bottom in Sydney, Australia. Finally, my years of addiction had caught up with me. It was not long after I somehow arrived back in London that I arrived for 12 weeks of primary care at Broadway Lodge. The truth is that had I not entered treatment by now I would have no business at all. Instead, several months on, my reality is so, so different." To read our traveller's full introduction, please click on the blog.Read more