Broadway Lodge have been working with TOWER Group, who are a part of the Support Alliance Floating Support Service, which is a conglomerate of local services that provide opportunities for local people to meet new people and learn about local services that can help them. It also encourages service users or ex-service users to attend that may be interested in improving and developing this and other local services. TOWER stands for Together We Enjoy Results.


As part of this service TOWER deliver events and Broadway Lodge were invited by the coordinators of this group to support this well needed and very important local service. Broadway Lodge have delivered two groups so far, which have been very well received by the participants. The first event was in November 2016 and we delivered a Tai Chi session by Mags Norman, which was then followed by a Thunks group by Markkus. A Thunk is a beguilingly simple-looking question about everyday things that stops you in your tracks and helps you start to look at the world in a whole new light.


The second event was a drumming workshop delivered in May 2017 by Chrissy Adams, which again was a fantastic event and thoroughly enjoyed by all. Going out to other local services and organisations supporting their events and showcasing some of the work we do at Broadway is a fantastic way to dispel myths about rehab, addiction and therapy and demonstrate some of the great work that happens here at Broadway Lodge. The TOWER group is a great organisation supporting vulnerable members of the local community and we have thoroughly enjoyed attending their events and will continue to do so in any way we can.

You can find and view TOWER's leaflet here.