Our Dutch psychologists wanted to mark the arrival of St. Nicholas' Day on 6th December and decided to bring the festivities to Broadway Lodge. 


For most children in The Netherlands, the most important day during December is the 5th, when Sinterklaas (St. Nicholas) brings them their presents!

For the Dutch, it all starts on the second Saturday of November (the first Saturday after 11th November) when Sinterklaas travels to a city or town in The Netherlands. Dutch tradition says that St. Nicholas lives in Madrid, Spain and every year he chooses a different harbour to arrive in Holland, so as many children as possible get a chance to see him.


St. Nicholas' Day is on the 6th December, but in The Netherlands, the major celebrations are held on the 5th December. The name Santa Claus comes from the name Sinterklaas and, fortunately for us at Broadway, Sinterklaas arrived on the 5th December and brought us some lovely presents and read funny poems about our individual attitudes and behaviour at Broadway Lodge.

It was a very heartfelt and thoughtful presentation from the Dutch psychologists on an important Dutch tradition and culture. Our Dutch staff continue to build, cement and support the relationship between Broadway Lodge and the Netherlands and provide us with extensive knowledge on all things Dutch which helps us to support our Dutch cohort of patients at Broadway Lodge.


vrolijk kerstfeest