As a partner in the West of England Works Building Better Opportunities Programme, Broadway Lodge has been able to strengthen their Aftercare support for those who are now abstinent, living in the community and needing ongoing help with their recovery, whilst also considering their next steps towards education, training and employment.  Since starting a year ago, we have had 27 people join the programme, four of whom are now in employment, a further four are in further education, one in active job search and several others are doing shorter courses and/or voluntary work, whilst also maintaining their recovery. 

Participants have been able to access weekly support groups for relapse prevention and recovery support, a variety of topic-based workshops, and individual sessions to talk about personal issues and set goals and targets to work towards.  This Recovery Capital is essential for individuals to remain abstinent and progress with their lives.

A small budget has enabled some participants to claim expenses for travel and child care to access support and attend training and job interviews.  The budget has also enabled participants to be able to get new clothes for interviews and new job start and to get to work after benefits have stopped and finances are low until the first salary comes in.

Broadway Lodge is very proud of the participants and the work they are putting in to progress with their lives after the devastation that addiction brings.

This year we will be focussing on engaging people living in Bristol.  If you are living in Bristol and would like to access this programme, then please contact Wendy at Broadway Lodge on: 

Email: [email protected], or

Telephone: 01934 812319