The lead up to the return of the Broadway Lodge staff Christmas party was great. Lots of talk around the building and between each other with many quietly excited about getting together to start the Christmas period.

There has not been a staff party for a few years and it has always been met with disappointment but this year things were different. The venue was set as the Beachlands Hotel in Weston-super-Mare and everyone attending had selected their meal options from a fantastic menu full of variety.

We had a great turn out on the night with 50 staff members in attendance. Looking around, you could see smiles, laughter and people relaxed and ready to enjoy the company of each other and the efforts of all their hard work in the last year.

The night was perfectly organised by our very own Vicky from the Admissions department and, with Vicky’s organisation, we were able to ensure everyone got the meals they had asked for. When the food came out there were no complaints whatsoever; the food was to die for, well presented and tasty. The service from the staff at Beachlands was impeccable, too.

Looking around there were plenty of smiles with staff interacting and laughing with each other. There was the usual raucousness from the lovely Nursing team, which is a normality at a Broadway Lodge event! They just can’t behave themselves but that was what the night was about; fun, love, laughter and the spirit of Christmas.

Then the DJ took to the stage, the music came on and a few headed to the dance floor to cut some shapes. Everyone enjoyed themselves immensely.

What a difference a year makes.

Part way through the evening, Lee, Markkus and Becky went back to Broadway Lodge to thank the staff who were working on the night. They were just cooking up their mini feast of sweet and savoury nibbles from Marks and Spencer’s with nice accompanying drinks (non-alcoholic of course).

We haven’t had a Christmas party for a long time and this year we wanted to give something back. We hoped to show the staff how much we appreciate their efforts and hard work and think we managed to do just that.

Merry Christmas to all the staff.

- Markkus Trew, Head of Counselling.

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Broadway Lodge 2017 Staff Christmas Party