Since January 2015 Broadway Lodge have been working with Ian and Grace Johnson who coordinate the Maltlands Park volunteers in Weston-Super-Mare. There is an area to the west of the A370 from Hutton Moor right the way down to Morrison’s on both sides of the A370 which was originally farm land many years ago but has been developed extensively and now has a massive area of new homes built on it. There is a lot of green space in this area and the Maltlands group try their very best to maintain the green spaces. With the funding cuts to all local services, the council have not been able to provide regular clean up and maintenance to these green spaces therefore local residents have formed a group to assist in the maintenance of these green spaces. Similarly there has been an increase in vandalism, fly tipping and young people congregating, drinking, taking drugs and causing a nuisance in these areas and the Maltlands group need some support to clear some of the rubbish left around the area. This gave Broadway Lodge the opportunity to offer our services and our residents in giving back to the local communities in North Somerset. Our residents have come from mainly outside of Weston-Super-Mare for detox and treatment and have in the past been seen quite negatively as having a negative impact on local services. By supporting the group it was a way of dispelling the myth about addiction and the local rehabs. Since February 2015 Broadway Lodge Secondary care patients have provided support to the Maltlands group going out and litter picking and clearing vast amounts of litter and rubbish and improving the local green space.

Initially when taking the residents out there are often moans, groans and complaints about community service and it being a punishment but at the end they thoroughly enjoy it and are often asking when they can go and do it again. When the residents have finished their litter pick and rubbish collection they have left the place absolutely immaculate and spotless. There is something funny to be said about their OCD, addictive and competitive natures when applying themselves to this work because the outcome always is very positive and this is when some of their once previous negative character traits are turned into positive ones. And it is always the most unlikely ones that seen to thrive from the experience. The record so far is 33 full black bags of rubbish.

Broadway Lodge even had a visit from Cllr Dawne who visited in June 2016 to thank Broadway Lodge and the residents for their support.

You can view more photos below, or alternatively follow this link to go to Maltlands Park's gallery.