We were delighted to receive a wonderful poem “At a First Meeting” by a former patient Andrew, who came to Broadway Lodge back in 1977 to receive treatment for alcohol addiction. Following a 5 month rehabilitation stay, Andrew completed treatment and has been abstinent ever since, attending AA meetings regularly. What an inspiration – thank you Andrew. He has expressly confirmed to Broadway Lodge that, provided either Broadway Lodge or [email protected]  is acknowledged, the poem may be copied and published freely for non-commercial purposes.



New Pigeon asks Old Timer,

How do I get this thing?


You want to Stop?

Whatever it takes?


Yes, I want it,

I’ll do anything.


OK: don’t drink, don’t think,

Go to meetings.


What does it mean

Don’t think?


It means, Don’t argue,

Just do it.


Surely it can’t

Be that simple?


Listen: I’ll be here,

tomorrow night,


and for all I know

you might be right.