Virtual Treatment

Broadway Lodge has recognised that existing rehabilitation programmes may not always be suitable to meet the demand of a growing number of men and women who need to overcome some of the obstacles to obtaining effective treatment for their addiction.

Work commitments, life circumstances and other person constraints such as the fear of stigma and the need for anonymity would simply mean not allowing themselves to make the first step to recovery.

Broadway Lodge is working with a partner to provide a Virtual Rehab service is supported by a dedicated team of Counsellors, Psychologies and Psychotherapists with over 30 years of combined experience in the fields of Addiction, Counselling, Stress, Anxiety and Rehabilitation.

So if you are :-

  • Put off by traditional rehab programmes?
  • Have neither the time nor can afford to be away from work?
  • Finding it difficult to get the help you need?

We offer you the chance to regain control of your life wherever you are! Achieving personal victories and making a really noticeable improvement every day is a vital part of getting yourself back on track.

The-Online-Rehab is a proven 28 day programme which will help you achieve enduring behavioural change and overcome your substance dependency and addiction. You will be asked to commit to a combination of daily group therapy sessions and weekly one to one counselling to discuss underlying and ongoing issues.

Your first step is to find out if the Virtual  Rehab programme is suitable for you by taking a simple Pre-assessment check. You will then be asked for payment (£1299) to sign up to the programme and provided with your personal counselling contact. Click the logo below, or click here to start your programme.

If the results indicate that you may require a different approach then please do come back to our Broadway Lodge ‘Contact us’ page with any queries that you may have.