For some people gambling has the potential to become addictive and to impact negatively on many aspects of their life. Whilst past attempts to stop or cut down on gambling activities have always ended in failure, this does not mean that the problem cannot be treated and a normal life resumed. At Broadway Lodge we advocate abstinence as the most appropriate goal for people who have been unable to control their gambling behaviours and treatment is designed with this in mind.

A therapeutic programme centred on individual and group therapy aims to help the client identify the attitudes and repeating patterns of gambling behaviour that have been in place and resulted in the problems that they and others have experienced. With support and encouragement from their counsellor and peers, clients will have the opportunity to increase levels of awareness and insight necessary to identify the changes required to support their recovery and improve the quality of their life. 

During treatment we will aim to provide the client with an introduction to self-help groups and in particular to Gamblers Anonymous (GA) which we will be encouraging them to attend beyond the treatment setting. With the consent of the client we may feel it helpful to involve others considered important to the client's recovery, including family members or employer for instance, this can provide an opportunity to gain a better understanding of the impact of past problems on others and to identify future needs to support the recovery process.