Eating Disorders

At Broadway Lodge, individuals with an eating disorder are treated in a similar way to others with addictions. The goal of treatment is to help the client to become more aware of repeating patterns of behaviour and to begin making the changes that will help them to develop a healthier and more respectful relationship with food. 

The focus of treatment will be individual therapy which in conjunction with other treatment activities and personalised assignment work will help the client to progress towards greater insight and understanding. Through this process and with the help of a Food and Feelings Diary, we want individuals to begin identifying and learning to avoid trigger foods, improve emotional management and gain a better understanding of the link for them between their mood and eating behaviours.

Whilst we want clients to take personal responsibility for their own food choices, including meal time options and portions, we acknowledge that at times we may need to have a role in helping them to do this. As they begin to gain in confidence and develop new eating patterns and attitudes, we will support clients in exploring other changes that may help them to manage their recovery.

Towards completion of their treatment individuals will be encouraged to explore the support network they will need to help maintain the progress made in treatment and with this in mind we aim to provide them with an opportunity for an introduction to self-help groups including Overeaters Anonymous (OA).