Broadway Lodge

The Primary Care setting at Broadway Lodge is a 45 bed treatment facility spread across the grounds of the main campus on the outskirts of Weston-super-Mare. Established in 1974 this centre was the first of its kind in the UK to offer 12 step based treatment, and has grown to become one of the countries leading specialist residential treatment centres for addictions. 

The length of the treatment for most patients will be 12 weeks although flexible care packages are available depending on need. For those requiring medical detoxification, this can be provided as a separate phase of treatment in our dedicated detoxification unit, or as an integral part of the rehabilitation programme. 

The goal of treatment is abstinence and in support of this, patients are provided with the insight, awareness and tools to help them lead more productive and fulfilled lives. The treatment programme is delivered by trained and experienced staff and involves individual and group therapy workshops, lectures, assignments, and a range of leisure and relaxation focussed activities. In addition, 24 hour nursing cover is provided to ensure medical care and support is available for those who many at times require it. 

All patients will be provided with access and the opportunity to experience Fellowship meetings such as AA and NA and in the primary care setting to work towards step 5 of the 12 step programme.  

Broadway Lodge originates from a building called Totterdown Farm and the earliest document regarding the property that stood on the site is a sales account from 1755. In 1974 Broadway Lodge then known as Totterdown Hall became a residential treatment centre and has continued to deliver successful treatment programmes to date. 

Detoxification at Broadway Lodge

Residential detoxification is provided in a dedicated purpose-built unit of ten beds set within the grounds of Broadway. Opened in the Spring of 2010, the Unit provides a modern facility staffed by highly skilled personnel experienced in the delivery of an effective, evidence based treatment programme. Twenty-four hour cover by nurses, doctors and a Consultant Psychiatrist with additional counselling support make the Unit one of the most suitable of its kind.

The medical team at Broadway have developed effective detoxification regimes and are skilled and experienced in their delivery. As a result detoxification at Broadway has proved to be a positive experience for our patients. The length of time required for detoxification can vary depending on an individual’s needs but for most people detoxification can usually be managed within the following time frames

• ALCOHOL: one to two weeks

• DRUGS: two to four weeks

In support of the medical aspects of detoxification, the treatment programme offers a range of complimentary therapies including acupuncture and massage, and group activities such as Tai-Chi, stress management and relaxation sessions. Individual and group therapy are also core components of the programme with counselling and individual assignments tailor-made to meet personal needs and Relapse Prevention a key topic for exploration.