Depression & Addiction in our Brightest Stars

Published on by Jason Smith

Depression & Addiction in our Brightest Stars

In the recent weeks the world of entertainment has lost some of its brightest stars. A lot has been written about the links to addiction and depression in relation to the individuals who have died, namely George Michael and Carrie Fisher.

As sad as their deaths were, what they have raised is the fact that addiction is a multi-fold illness. When an addict gets clean they do not anticipate finding out that they still have the same feelings as they had before they picked up a drug or drink, and can’t understand why they are feeling like this.

Some may find, after entering a 12 step fellowship, embarking on the process of working the 12 steps with a sponsor, and acknowledging the issues that caused them to pick up, that the feelings go.  In lots of cases this isn’t so and the individual will need professional intervention in the form of therapy or medication.

Once we lose the crutch we used to suppress the feelings we suffered with it is easy to think that we can no longer function and we are left feeling empty and lost. We go into a depression and if not addressed appropriately we can fall at the one of the early hurdles.

The people lucky enough to enter rehab are well placed to have these issues addressed from very early on.  Once detoxed the professionals working with them will identify the potential pitfalls and work towards a long-term solution to help them maintain abstinence.

We now live in a society where after many years the stigma is being broken around addiction and mental health. Unfortunately this has come at a time of deep austerity and many services being slashed, making pathways more and more inaccessible.

If you are reading this, and it applies to you, or you can identify a family member - ask for help. No one needs to suffer alone.

If you are looking for funded treatment, we recommend that you visit your GP for a referral to your local substance misuse service (or you can contact them directly). If you are in a position to fund yourself, please call us on 01934  815515 or email and we will be happy to talk through how we can help you in more detail. 

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